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Custom Area Rugs

About Area Rugs

Want to give your room a fresh, exciting new look without making any permanent alterations? A carefully chosen area rug can work miracles. Area rugs play many essential roles in your home. They protect your hard-surface flooring from daily toils while adding dramatic color and texture. Bonus: a soft, comfortable area rug warms your feet and your soul.


At Comanche Home Center Carpet One Floor & Home, we can guide you towards a new area rug that’s genuinely perfect. With our expansive inventory of pre-fabricated area rugs, carpet remnants, and more, we can help you customize the perfect “instant” soft surface for your space. Our professional team of rug experts is here to create it if you can imagine it. 


Benefits of Custom Area Rugs

The term “one size fits all” definitely doesn’t apply when talking about area rugs. Not to worry, however: a customized rug can solve nearly any challenge. In a highly-traveled space, the right area rug can make a world of difference when it comes to the life of your floor. Protecting against everything from pet claws to high-heeled shoes, your area rug is a reliable barrier between life and your floor. It also adds continuous insulation and can create borders in a multi-use space.


Decorating with Area Rugs

Area rugs can be used in a variety of ways to add depth, texture, and color. Consider using a small, bright throw rug if you’re emphasizing a particular item like a shelf, a work of art, or an accent table. A wall-to-wall rug can add the look of continuity, while a rectangular rug can accentuate your dining area. These are just a few of many examples.


Our Area Rug Collection

Comanche Home Center Carpet One Floor & Home offers up some of the world’s favorite rug products and brands. Our staff can work closely to customize for the perfect fit. Want to find learn all about our many area rug options? Please visit us soon at 2 SW C Avenue in Lawton, OK, to browse our carpeting and rug displays. And check out our carpet guide for a full picture of fabric, styles, and fibers available.


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Caring for your Area Rug

With these recommendations, tips, and tricks

on how to keep your rug looking fresh and clean,

we promise you’ll enjoy it for years to come.





Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants are a fantastic way to enjoy

carpeting without lifelong commitment while

saving significantly. Did you know that virtually

any carpet remnant can be bound into a beautiful

area rug?

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